Cristina Toledo

The starting point of Cristina Toledo‘s (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1986) work is the interest found in the transformation of a photographic image into a painted one. By modifying its essence with this process, it is possible to substantially change the relationship we establish with a representation and reactivate its ability to convey meanings or ask questions.

In a world full of visual stimuli, painting is an adequate mechanism to give certain images a much more corporeal dimension from among the overabundance of them that surrounds us. Within these parameters, Cristina’s work consists of rescuing photographic material from different sources and creating other representations that promote new readings. This initial compilation of images or groups of images begins by chance, by an unexpected discovery when surfing the web or in any other medium. Cristina works through series of photographs thematically related to each other, dealing with issues such as public and private memory, the representation of identity or the control mechanisms that are imposed through what is visible.



A Victorian Story




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