Cecilia de Val | “Pic of the Midday” | 29 March – 25 May 2019

In 2015, Cecilia started a project about the image of the Monte Perdido (a mountain in the Pyrenees) titled “El Monte Perdido”. It was a reflection about reality and its representations and the implications of the dematerialization of photography in the digital era. She took, as a starting point, the liquid origin (marine) of the Monte Perdido to trace an analogy between the transformation of the photography and the transformation of Monte Perdido. From solid, immutable, static, monumental, calcareous or dusty to liquid, fluid, mobile, dynamic, fragmentary and temporary.

The present project titled “Pic of the Midday” follows the line of the photographic deconstruction of the previous project, and opens new ways of aesthetic and epistemological reflection. Through an experimental process of un-development in several phases, liquid and fragmented images are constructed and the state of photography is redefined.

The concept of “non-photography” and the image production systems in the digital era take over subjectivity in our present neoliberal culture. From these ideas, Cecilia develops a post-photographic project that reflects on the relation between word (hashtag) and image, and their transformation in the age of the social media -more specifically Instagram- and the digital revolution.

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