Artists Anonymous | Espacio Negativo | PhotoEspaña | 27 May – 31 July 2010

Artists Anonymous is a collective of three artists who live and work between Berlin and London. They started to work together in 2001 when they were studying at the University of Arts in Berlin being taught there by Georg Baselitz and Stan Douglas. Their working process defies the canonic notion of the artist as a solitary and romantic author but favours teamwork and “workshop” in the manner of the Old Masters, thus neutralizing their individuality. The clash of mentalities and the creative conflict in an ongoing dialogue are their trademark features:

“Anonymity means we sacrifice our own names as artists, but it also forces people to concentrate on our work, not us. We thought it might be good if you go and see an artwork and not know who did it, not just in terms of who personally, but whether man or woman, old or young. So we thought if we want our art to be about what matters, it can’t be about us”.

Artists Anonymous are borderline and multidisciplinary artists. They use installation, photography, painting, video, or performance. New ideas like “afterimages” or “negative rooms” are displayed with violence, excess, circus and baroqueness. Paintings that resemble photograph negatives and photographs taken of original paintings. Every artwork contains another within it. In the end, identity collapses due to these strategies of dialectics, masquerade and chaos.

Artists Anonymous are interested in “process” as the core of artistic creation and give much importance to research and exploratory work before the artwork is executed. On this exhibition for PhotoEspaña 2010 Artists Anonymous are presenting a multidisciplinary project that examines the unstable relationship and the shifting frontier between photography and painting, paying attention to the role of “negative space” as a key element of artistic composition.

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