Alfonso Brezmes | Small Passions | 29 February – 12 April 2008

Alfonso Brezmes (Madrid, 1966) places his work very near to fictional territories (The Secret Life of Things, 2001; Urban Fragments, 2006) and to implicit game (Intersecting Words, PHE 05; falsOriginal, 2006), drawing a visual poetry which speaks to us through subtle images thread together as a necklace in hands of a goldsmith. This way, across a simple process of manual assembly, he manages to construct these delicate castles near to fall that appeal to drowsy parts of our conscience.

In this “Small Passions” now shown, starting from scale models after photographed, as if we were transported into a collector´s cabinet, Alfonso takes a step further in his constant adventure of exploration to enter the jungle of daily pleasures, seen across an entomologist’s magnifying glass who ends up becoming fond of the creatures of his analysis. Thus, at the level of our look, he unfolds a tiny universe of opposing desires, of never ending stories in which the measure of things crashes with the size of the passions that dwell in us. The originality of this oneiric world lays not just in the surprising formal findings, but mainly in the paradox they always raise, facing us to our surrounding reality, forcing us to look at it with other eyes, maybe more awaken.

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