Vicente Tirado del Olmo | “A promise” | PhotoEspaña | 29 May – 25 July 2015

During the Romantic period, landscape played an important role becoming a major genre. Landscape in the Romantic painting is a scenery in which man and nature confront, and in which man, with a dramatic nostalgia, finds out about his ostracism from nature. The contemporary individual inherits this vision of landscape and is aware of the gap that progress opened up between them. Due to this, he wishes to come to terms with nature in order to meet again his own hallmarks. In the “A Promise” series, a number of images of a wild nature, in which the volcanic landscape predominates, aim to recall a moment before the appearance of man on the planet Earth. The power of suggestion of these images is used as a pretext to make a reflection upon the longing of nature of the contemporary man and upon the exploitation that advertising makes of that longing.

The concept of premium cars on a background of a “sublime” landscape became a recurring model in automobile advertising, where nature is presented as a space of desire only attainable by means of the advertised product.

The double game to which the images of this project are subdued, being shown on one hand with the aura of the artwork and, on the other hand trivialized, being the basis of an advertising campaign with their corresponding claims, sets out a reflection on nature and on the values that make it so appealing to advertising. But above all, what is questioned is the ability of our system to colonise our most private spaces and manipulate our wishes.

Curated by Juan curto

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