Julia Fullerton-Batten | Unliving | PhotoEspaña | 30 May – 27 July 2013

“A house is not a home.”

David Byrne, “Glass, concrete and stone” from LP “Grown Backwards”


This is a project curated by Juan José Santos specifically aimed at the festival and in which we will be able to enjoy the brand-new “Unadorned” series by Fullerton-Batten together with photographs belonging to her successful “In Between” series. The latter was already shown within the “Heroines” exhibition in 2011 at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

“Unadorned” is a ground-breaking and daring series in which Fullerton-Batten depicts obese people in surprising and disruptive scenes often inspired by the Old Masters of painting. In this series the criticism of “manipulated beauty”, dominant in today’s society, is self-evident and seen from the viewpoint of respect by the artist and the pride of the models themselves. On the other hand, “In Between” is one of her most well-known series in which she photographs female teenagers on an ethereal yet conflictive transition to adulthood. The plastic execution of the images is absolutely unique, and reflects a vital stage of life which greatly shapes our personalities.

The curator Juan José Santos develops his working hypothesis around the idea of “non life” in our contemporary and “hypermodern” society. A reality which is not only tangible in the relationship we have with our own homes, a sort of bunker of isolation away from “others”, but also with regard to our day-to-day jobs, our families and friends, or our politicians. This underground tension also emerges on a psychological level when we “nonlive”, survive or “under-live” just our day-to-day lives, or the transitions between the different stages that indelibly mark our lives.

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