Group Exhibition | «Technologies of the Sublime» | a3bandas | 6 April – 25 May 2013

“Technologies of the sublime. Landscapes against time” is a project curated by 1er Escalón that analyzes different strategies altering the common usages of cutting-edge technology by combining and setting up means and narratives that belong to different contexts and times. In this respect, technologies of the past and of the present are put together to make them converge and converse, or even reflect a conflict. More concretely, we work with the various ways to represent the landscape and the transformations of the Romantic concept of the sublime in the contemporary world.

This current trend combines the usage of older technologies, namely “second-hand technologies”, together with contemporary realities, producing asynchronic and conflictive effects which put forward different solutions to problems in the present tense.

Through the set-up of technologies and narratives that belong to different temporalities –that is to say, through anachronism and heterochrony, a temporal multiplicitythe artworks by these artists provide mechanisms of subversion of the logics of the capitalist system, resisting processes of built-in obsolescence and progress conceived as a driving force heading for a future that we do not actually know what it holds.

In order to receive the press kit (press release and images) please contact us on (+34) 91 429 17 34 or e-mail info@camaraoscura.net