Group Exhibition | Stories and desires from who sleeps | a3bandas | 14 April – 2 June 2012

Sleeping and consequently dreaming, still stands as a genuine mystery to me. Not just because I cannot understand scientific terms (Freud and Jung theories) but due to the conscious instants while sleeping, which are never too much for me, the quantity of situations created or idealized by us, belong to us. We sleep approximately a third of our lives, accepting a new “Me”.

We live and create something that transforms without reason, morals or even conscious willpower. When we dream what remains beyond our memories of a few often unclear images, are the sensations that they pass on: anxiety, pleasure, joy, restlessness. “In dreams we generate life, emotion and new desires, reproducing mostly in a subliminal form the images and facts we assimilate on them”. The exhibition proposal “Stories from who sleeps” confirms Victor Hugo‘s theory that we can better judge a man from what he dreams instead of what he thinks (“Les Miserables”).

The four participating artists are architects of stories that flow and travel across feminism and landscape, often from moods that hybridize the wakefulness and the nocturnal on the limits of derangement and the unconscious.

In order to receive the press kit (press release and images) please contact us on (+34) 91 429 17 34 or e-mail info@camaraoscura.net