Johann Ryno de Wet

The land of dreams continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Johann Ryno de Wet (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1982), and there are even more people who seem to travel through it when fully awake. There can be no other explanation for his audacious and chimeric photos. Ryno effectively uses digital techniques to transform a point of departure into one of arrival that is only in his head.

The Freudian concept of “unheimlich” (uncanny) is his point of departure in a tangible reality that metamorphoses until it becomes unrecognisable, out of place and menacing. Ryno invents post-apocalyptic landscapes, devoid of human presence, of bleak and uneasy appearance, which are nevertheless indescribably beautiful. Contrivance has seldom been more justified than in Ryno’s work, as he opens doors for us to a truly personal fictional and imaginary world, present in important public collections like Photo Elysée and CA2M, as well as in many private collections worldwide.

The Visitor


Shadow Valley

No Man’s Land


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