Noelia G. Bandera and Miranda Sharp | Seeing is believing | 15 January – 27 February 2010

The theme ‘Seeing is believing’ enters the interior world of the mask and false appearances with the purpose of unveiling and searching for the truth using their own devices: hiding, manipulation and memory. Our strategies in this exhibition are therefore contradictory and essentially instrumental, coinciding with the work methods of Noelia and Miranda who dig into the wounds of reality via the theatricality of the photographer’s studio and the utopian microcosms of our fragmented homes. The critic and art historian Juan Antonio Ramírez is even more revealing and conclusive:

‘The absence of the human figure on the scene is the foreseeable result of the theatrics of life/lives. Our existence is a void, an ensemble of gestures occasionally displayed before an inanimate and conventional set. A still life. We are only ‘models’. We act in a play and perhaps, continue in another. In reality, all that matters is the instantaneousness of the click of the photographer’s shot. This must be, surely, the (ironic) immortality of art.’

Noelia García Bandera (Málaga, Spain, 1974) is a committed and honest artist who speaks to us with great wisdom about women, not only of their lives (marriage, age, social roles, etc) but also about their death which is always latently present in her work in the form of a memento mori.

Miranda Sharp (Worcestershire, UK, 1977). This artist’s work portrays lost paradises with a nostalgic look towards the past and back to childhood, contemplated with irony from the other side of the mirror. Of her work we ask ourselves if what we see is a “retrieved childhood” like that of Fernando Savater, or forever lost.

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