Lynne Cohen | Mixed Messages | 12 September – 13 October 2007

Lynne Cohen (born 1944, Racine, Wisconsin) is one of the most prominent and critically acclaimed living photographers on the international scene. She lives and works in Montreal and has received numerous awards throughout her long career. Her work is in numerous public collections such as the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the USA, the Australian National Gallery, FRAC in France and Domus Artium (DA2) in Spain.

Cohen photographs “interior landscapes” like spas, classrooms, offices and laboratories. These places really exist but one has the impression of viewing a stage set. Her stunning photographs turn the interiors into a no man’s land, a “non-place”, a space in crisis, in transition, with no owner or inhabitant yet always filled with a lingering human presence.

In addition Cohen often has room for a wink of complicity with her audience by deploying a cunning humour, which balances what might otherwise seem overly threatening, cold and confrontational. While Cohen photographs the spaces more or less as she finds them, she challenges us to “read” her pictures, to find what is invisible.

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