Line Gulsett | “Pendulum” | 17 November 2017 – 10 February 2018

A rapid, pulsating stream of images without notable substance passes before our eyes. It offers momentary comfort, a distraction at least, but becomes unsettling once the separate images are revisited via our memory. Small but significant imprints are continuously added to the fluid neural network of processes that define our memory. Together they can create a repulsive shallowness experienced as a homogeneous mass of virtual impressions. Weightless representations of matter float in a virtual realm without a beginning or an end. They lack a past, present or future tense. The digitized world can be seen as an off-putting chaos of nearly identical identities behaving like Brownian particles in an almost limitless space. This exhibition describes a contemporary environment that seems especially hostile to those who aim to create a more lasting impression with paint on a canvas.

In her work, Line tries to pinpoint the moments that are of formative importance to the growth of a singular identity. Children’s intuitive games and playful interactions are compared with the awkward social disconnect that is often part of adulthood. She also addresses the memory of childhood, including all the angst and desires of belonging while simultaneously striving for a certain heroic independence. She describes the way this recollection of a fragile period in ones life is always altered by a current state of mind. She attempts to paint the way intense feelings can distort the experience of time and space itself. These thoughts take shape in compelling canvasses where formal abstraction and art historical references share a pictorial space with running children and the typical attributes of activities like hopscotch, skipping and swimming.

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