Julia Beliaeva | “Revival of Myth” | 29 February – 18 May 2024

Julia Beliaeva (Haisyn, Ukraine, 1988) is a multidisciplinary artist whose artistic practice spans across a variety of mediums, including digital sculpture as well as traditional one. Digital painting, 3D scanning/modeling/printing, and XR environments are complemented by very physical ceramics in Julia’s oeuvre. The fragile nature of the porcelain, alongside its connotation as of something from the past, lures Julia into frequent experiments aimed to rethink traditional media through contemporary tech. Julia is gracefully balancing between virtuality and physicality, merging the past and the present in a carefully articulated world. The glazed surface of a fine porcelain correlates with the smoothness of digital gleam. Julia uses the latest technology to examine the ghosts from the past. She disrupts the very nature of a medium by merging the fragments of opposing contexts and ideas. Her dichotomous approach helps to construct an alternative dimension able to mirror reality, as well as the past.

Using the latest technologies in her work she turns to a rethinking of tradition and traditional media in an ever-changing virtualized world. She is interested in how technology affects us and our consciousness, as well as how the latest technology can make sense and update traditional media. In particular, Julia works a lot with porcelain, which gives her the opportunity to reflect on the heritage and lost traditions through a combination of new technologies and the popular in Ukraine ceramic industry, which is now lost. As she states:

I really love porcelain and its semantic load. Porcelain is about fragility but at the same time the material is very strong, just like humans. We are resilient but the wrong attitude towards ourselves can turn us fragile and vulnerable.”

Curated by Juan Curto.

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