Jamie Baldridge | Dystopia | 17 September – 31 October 2009

Jamie Baldridge (Louisiana, USA, 1975) has been said to be ‘the new sensation in photography’ thanks to a personal and differentiated style gathering the Southern tradition and the French baroque and converting them into a photography of a classic but contemporary flair, always incorporating large doses of black humour.

Dystopia: noun Perverse utopia where reality flows in the opposite direction to an ideal society. An antonym of ‘utopia’ mainly used to refer to a fictional society –usually placed in the near future- where the social trends are taken to apocalyptic extremes. Examples may be found in literature and cinema like ‘1984’ (1949) by George Orwell, “The clockwork orange” (1962) by Anthony Burgess, and more recently “V for Vendetta” (1981-88) by Alan Moore & David Lloyd, and “WALL·E” (2008) by Andrew Stanton.

Jamie is a storyteller and a magician of images. His gift is to jumpstart our imagination and our memory of childhood as if he were the Sandman or the Pied Piper of Hamelin. His photographs are both ancient and atavistic, something undefined can be found there which awakens the subconscious. Heroines playing impossible games; superheroes on secret missions… a parallel world to ours, a leap into the void. Doubtlessly, the viewer must be courageous to play this game… and ‘it would be nice if they got a little bruised on the way’, as Jamie states.

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