Hillerbrand+Magsamen | Family Politics | 15 January – 25 February 2012

Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s videos, photographs and installations reinterpret the people, activities and objects of their everyday life and engage the edge between the heroic and tragic. They navigate perceptions of identity, emotion and family within a uniquely American subjectivity that curiously also applies to any household in this globalized world. Their vision of the ordinary life of a middle-class family is both enlightening and daring:

“Our experimental video projects explore our relationship, family and everyday activities reflecting about the contradictions of suburban family life. We use our own family and home for the characters and set to playfully and poetically explore perceptions of the contemporary American family’s emotions, interactions, consumerism and media. Can we be simultaneously happy and sad with our lives, like and dislike our material possessions, feel love and hate for our family? As artists we are willing to question our own lives and the endurance within. That is the real strength, to admit the ambivalence and contradiction, to bravely question life, and then go on and recommit, in spite of it.”

On this exhibition we will present a complete set of five videoworks that will provide a full picture of Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s body of work. They have exhibited in film festivals, galleries and museums internationally including Ann Arbor Film Festival, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, and Houston Center for Photography. They have also been awarded residencies as well as grants in major art centres in the USA.

In order to receive the press kit (press release and images) please contact us on (+34) 91 429 17 34 or e-mail info@camaraoscura.net