Group Exhibition | Dream photography | 24 May – 28 July 2007

With this exhibition we seek to show something specific but at the same time representative of the youngest and most daring photography today. We intend to answer questions such as: What are young artists experimenting with? What is the type of photography we would like to have in the future? Evidently they do not strive to convey the “truth”, as primitive photography sought from its beginnings but rather the opposite, to construct a “truth” of their own. Today photographers work systematically and meticulously, usually by digital means, at the studio, in the same way as other media such as painting.

The camera of María Castelló (Madrid, Spain, 1979), selectioned by the Spanish INJUVE, helps us to step off the roller-coaster and put the brakes on our frenetic hyper-modern life and take notice of spaces that would otherwise go completely unnoticed. Spaces almost microscopic, full of no-presence in which we are the main characters as spectators as well as subjects of that experience.

Ted Partin (New York, USA, 1977) is an American artist selectioned by the prestigious Aperture Foundation within the project “Regeneration. 50 photographers of tomorrow” thanks to his innovative and daring interpretation of the traditional black and white photography. Partin concentrates on portraiting the members of the “MTV generation” from a point of view of a gender ambiguity, always staring in the eye, shamelessly and without prejudice.

Damián Ucieda (La Coruña, Spain, 1980) is the youngest look in the show and doubtlessly the most committed to the newly breaking staged photography in which the mise-en-scène of the characters, the lighting and the marks of authorship are key to the construction of a parallel and disturbing “truth”, pervaded by enigmas and unsolved questions.

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