Group Exhibition | All we did was not enough | a3bandas | 2 – 30 April 2011

“We see our whole lives like a mess, with the moral suffering of not being up to the bar in the task of building up ourselves alone.”
Gilles Lipovetsky (interviewed by Bertrand Richard)

The fragmentation of the story and the strategies of narration were infinite. Neither a clear and categorical possibility of answering existed, nor an effective way to build up progress. With no obvious enemy, the fight was worthless, and confrontation was left aside. We lived in a dark age, filled with fragmented seductions. Full of illusions. Fugacity, quickness and effectiveness. Control, limit, and anonymity. The environment, ever more hostile, gave way to the impossibility of change. The global production system sieged any act of subversion, even assimilated it.

In the midst of this infinite quantity of variables, and through an indescribable series of events, we did not have the chance of going on and saw ourselves forced to build our foundations in a complete solitude. There was nothing to be done against it. All our attempts to emancipate were determined, fenced, marked… An ambiguous time, sterile, wasted in which all we did was not enough.

All we did was not enough” is an approach in first person plural -and in the pastdenoting the possibility of a collective emancipation projected into the future. The selected artists are linked by the common feature of constructing a very broad imaginary in which the tension between the individual and the collective are connected, the idea of mass, social conflict and the idea of the individual are put in doubt. The selected artworks display a documentary of poetics sometimes taken to the limit of fiction. They are images in which much more than what it is told can be found.

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