Henry E. Hernández, Pep Vidal | Artification | a3bandas | 5 April – 24 May 2014

Artification, is an exhibition-essay that wishes to warn about [set forth] the contamination of the currently accepted model of culture and its implications in the contemporary aesthetic practices. Verifying, precisely, the possible incidences that –on the latter- an amplified set of tools coming from other fields of knowledge exert and that, in principle, are supposedly foreign to the domain defined by the autonomy of the arts.

In this sense, the exhibition by the artists [better called “artificators”] Pep Vidal and Henry Eric Hernández proposes a shift from the traditional object-art and an acute focus of the glance over two zones well differentiated of the scientific and, therefore, extra-artistic knowledge. Concretely, the field of physics-mathematics and the archaeology-exhumation, associated to the forensic science. The project deals with questioning the dialogue between two conceptual-aesthetic proposals, with an artificatory vocation that begin, in their respective discursive articulations, with the instruments of research and speculation provided by these scientific disciplines aiming to “contaminate” the aseptic aura of the contemporary art in favour of new strategies of aesthetization and narrative conceptualization.

Curator: Andrés Isaac Santana

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