Antonio Pérez Río | “The Infinite Museum” | Festival Off PhotoEspaña | 1 June – 29 July 2021

“The Infinite Museum” gets together for the very first time the two projects by Antonio Pérez Río made within the framework of two of the most important European museums: the Louvre (Paris) and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam).

“Masterpieces” (2014-2018) explores the transformation of the human gaze upon art. It develops at the Louvre museum and proposes a new version of the canon of the occidental art, throughout its depiction on the screens of the visitors’ cell phones, which become a playground for a symbolic game that highlights the tensions between the artworks, the devices, and the people who look through them.

On his next project, “The Metamorphoses” (2018-2021) the artist presents an imaginary museum generated by algorithms created from photographic reproductions of paintings that belong to the Rijksmuseum collection. The possibilities of manipulation of the digital image allow him to create new works on the basis of the original artworks, thus opening a new imaginary museum, both iconoclastic and fragmentary, in which authorship and originality acquire further meanings.

“The Infinite Museum” is a door open to a space that provides access, in a strange hallucination, to two of the leading European museums –the Louvre and the Rijksmuseum–from an art gallery in the heart of Madrid. The original pieces are reincarnated in fragments and remain alive in new works, yet their breathing is cut off. Between irony and melancholy, the images that give shape to this exhibition both allude and elude, reveal and conceal. Their author does not eschew the dislocated and out-of-date urge that remains beating in this interminable spiral of art: the quest for beauty.

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Activity funded by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte of Spain.