Alfonso Brezmes | Private Places | 26 May – 30 July 2011

This new project researches the concept of “private rooms” as places in which the most intense but invisible-at-first-sight adventures occur:

No place is here or there.
Every place is projected from the inside.
Every place is superimposed on space.
Oscar Hahn

Private rooms behave, on the one hand, like an inner core to which it is impossible to gain access to for whom is on the outside and, on the other hand, from which it is impossible for who is on the inside to get out. In this sense, these private rooms are a paradigm of incommunicativeness, sometimes on purpose, sometimes due to social frustration that characterizes the development of contemporary urban societies. This results in the conversion of our lives –each of our own lives- into a sort of insulated bubble in which we are comfortable enough to live with but at the same time may become a very frustrating experience. Likewise the project deals with the approach of the concept of space as a refuge for intimacy which is essential to mankind: social beings by nature, but who always need a private sphere and without which life would be reduced to an arid and uninhabitable desert. Therefore these alien spaces become a kind of translucent dwelling, utterly transparent, like to the viewer who attends a Big Brother show, without no possibility of interfering, but only looking, acting as shrines upon which holy images rested.

The project by Alfonso Brezmes tackles social exhibitionism, typical of today’s societies, utilizing his distinctive imagery always half-way between reality and fiction, where we are guests looking at “stills” of the lives of people we do not know but into whose living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms we are allowed to sneak. However, at the end of the day, these places remain as faraway as the distance that keeps us from our own private rooms.

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