Liza Ambrossio

Liza Ambrossio (Mexico City, 1992) is a young visual artist who lives and works in Madrid, Spain, and one of the most exciting and promising Latin American photographers today. She won the Discoveries Scholarship 2017-18 of the PhotoEspaña Festival, and the 6th Edition of the TAI Photography Talent Grant. Recently, Liza was the winner of the FNAC New Talent Award 2018, and the Voies Off Award in Arles 2018.

Alberto García-Alix the most reputed Spanish living photographer, talks about Liza:

“I met Liza as a professor at the master degree that she studied as a grant recipient in Madrid. I was stunned by her skills as a storyteller, her quickness, her fluency, her perseverance, her writing, the singularity of her hard and appealing images, her passion, her madness and her natural way to be a Mexican woman. Mexican in the sense of not being lukewarm. Her work is her life and her life is her work. She has the ability to get us in and not let us go. She frightens us and also attracts us, since she has all the demons and that makes her such a spectacular artist.”

The Rage of Devotion


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