Javier Núñez Gasco

Javier Núñez Gasco (Salamanca, Spain, 1971) is being one of the most innovative and daring conceptual artists in the Spanish art scene for more than two decades. His work spans a great variety of disciplines like performance, installation, photography, or video. His relationship with the world of theater has established solid bonds between the visual arts and the performing arts with results always startling and sophisticated, displaying a poetics in a perfect symbiosis with ideas. Javier does not work with either reality or fiction, but in the space in between, searching where there is nothing.

In his own words: “Actually, I simply analyse my surroundings and I look for abnormalities, gaps… I look for the cracks in the structure that surrounds me and extract my ideas and artworks from them. […] One of the principles behind my work, including my life, is to try not to take anything at face value. It is a theoretical and practical exercise to which I dedicate a great deal of time, but which places me exactly where I want to be: in a search or process that is constant.”



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