Cecilia de Val

Cecilia de Val (Zaragoza, Spain, 1975) explores the identity and the relationship of the individual with his/her environment. On her photographs Cecilia self-portraits like a modern heroin who shapes her adventures and her settings as she pleases: postindustrial ruins, enchanted forests, sci-fi sets, and suburban architectures. Sometimes, cut-out doppelgangers and ghosts of Cecilia tread silent dreams of pain, treason, and conspiracy. The crossover of genres like science-fiction literature, short stories, fantasy cinema, comics, and Renaissance painting produce disturbing and shifting images, nearly ungrasping, on the boundaries of the subconscious. Her themes question individuality and identity by means of their opposite: multiplicity and double.

“El Monte Perdido” is a postphotographic experiment in which she (un)develops photographs by means of a chemical process, thus creating new landscapes loaded with reflections on the deconstruction of the photographic image and the impact of the digital age on photography. In her most recent series “Pic of the Midday”, Cecilia reflects on the relation between word (hashtag) and image, and the possible transformation as part of the image production systems. She continued the process of un-development to open new ways of aesthetic and epistemological reflection as part of the dematerialization of photography.

Pic of the Midday

El Monte Perdido

El Otro Reino


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